California Arrest Records


California Arrest Records

California’s law enforcement authorities are in control of the arrest records on offenses that transpired within the area of jurisdiction. Government officials assured that such public records would become transparent to the local-based community residents aside from having it stored at a centralized state repository on arrest documents. Making the records available locally helps the effort to somehow prevent future crimes from happening by simply doing a background check using the arrest reports.

As per state ruling, the California Penal Code describes criminal records being the legal files that are updated specifically by the California Attorney General. Details stipulated within the arrest report include the offender’s name, birth date, physical description and other classified particulars that were asked and documented during the arrest. These official reports are open for public viewing, but authorities who handle these pieces of information have the prerogative to undisclose them when public security is at stake. On the other note, the accused can always request to seal off the records when the court dismissed the case and did not declare conviction against the respondent.

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Arrest warrants on the other hand can also be retrieved in the process of gathering legal facts relating to the person in question. They are technically signed by a judge to be able to execute the arrest and put the arrested individual in court for trial and later on to get the verdict. However, Californians has got an excellent option to visit the local office of the Department of Justice which is the office of the Attorney General for more inputs in regards to the legal records search procedure.

In principle, criminal reports in the state certainly remain available all the time except when a particular record has been expunged or sealed and perhaps destroyed through any circumstances. In the case of warrants they will stay active on file until the person is caught or has passed away. Keep in mind that the California Public Records Act allows any citizen to place a request for the retrieval of the said information, but it has to go through the proper channel in order to obtain a more comprehensive search result.

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