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Offenses can happen anywhere and it is the government’s job particularly the law enforcement agencies to find a way to stop the occurrence of criminal activities. One excellent move was to oblige county officials to create their own system that would update and maintain the arrest records for future references. Alameda, a county in California has been keeping such legal documents from way back the 1900’s up to present. Keeping the said reports at the local level proved to be more effective for one fact that the residents don’t have to drive all the way to the state records database just to conduct the search.

Papers have shown that Alameda authorities were able to document nearly a million crimes in only a span of 9 years within 1999 to 2008. Such data suggest that the people living in the said county must ensure to have all the protection they needed to stay away from the bad elements in the community. Hence, it would be worth the effort to check out some names and perform a background check on them through the County’s Inmate Locator page at acgov dot org. The link provides information as to whether or not a person has been in Police custody in Alameda County Jail.

Courthouses primarily hold the arrest reports on anyone who had been charged before. Thus, it should be standard that a requesting party must know where to locate the said courthouses in order to save time while doing the entire searching process. As a rule, they only allow the viewing and releasing of the arrest files of a particular individual for a reasonable fee to cover the research and copying services. Furthermore, if you wish to find out more about court records your online resource would be the website of the Superior Court of California.

An individual is arrested in Alameda only when there is a probable cause that a certain crime is allegedly committed. However, it is a must that the County Judge signs the warrant of arrest first before serving it to the accused person. It is indeed life-threatening to conduct a background check on someone; therefore, the County has developed alamedacountysheriff dot org to make the search must faster and more private.

Alameda County Arrest Log

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Alameda County has been instrumental in setting up agencies and departments that would assist the specific needs among the County residents on arrest records for in any legal circumstances. As a matter of fact, the County was able to form warrants, records and crime analysis unit to be mainly in-charge in the documentation process relating to the handling of arrest information. To request for a copy of those records you will need to fill out an application form and forward it to the designated office.

Steps to complete in order to obtain the arrest records in Alameda:

  • Visit the County Sheriff’s office to inquire about the requirements when requesting for a copy of an arrest record
  • Fill-out a records request form or better yet do it online if that is more convenient on your end
  • The form can be downloaded through the Sheriff’s official website
  • Applications can be done via email, mail or fax
  • As for the current fees, the said office is available for queries during business hours

Alameda County Sheriff Arrest Log

The arrest records can also be inquired from these local government agencies:

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