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Accessing Arrest Records and Criminal Records

Most arrest records and criminal records can be accessed by the state in which the records exist. States authorize identification agencies that will provide you with the information you request. It’s likely that you will only need a certain amount of information, such as the full name of the person, birth date and social security number if possible. The Freedom of Information Act was passed to make it easier for the general public to access arrest records and criminal records, but some states have since passes rules and regulations that address the privacy rights of the individuals. If you’re dealing with a state that has enacted these rules, you may need to provide more information about yourself such as photo identification and state a reason why you need the records.

There are many reasons why you might need to conduct a background check on an individual, including employment purposes. Today, the general population is using background checks for other reasons too, such as checking out a person on a dating site before going on a date – or, you might need a caregiver or nanny for a child. Whatever the reason for conducting background checks, you want results that are accurate and up-to-date so that your decision is based on the facts rather than untruths. Many governmental and state agencies that keep records are understaffed and have an overwhelming amount of requests for arrest records and criminal records.

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If you’re requesting the records by mail it could take weeks or even months to receive a response. The best way to access arrest records and criminal records is by using a private Internet search site. Private searches use powerful and accurate search engines and databases to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the reports. If no record is found on an individual, you pay nothing. Many people find that procuring a membership to a private search site is the best way to access records whenever you need them.

For a limited time you can access a special offer that includes a 7-Day Free Trial of a one year, unlimited search access for a ‘Contact Report’ and receive email, phone lookups and public records. It’s free membership for 7 days and then, you’ll be billed automatically in the amount of $35.40 per year for the services.

If you prefer the upgraded access to information, you’ll receive a 7-Day Free Trial of a one year, unlimited search access for a ‘Background Report’ which includes the same background information as the Contact Report, but you can also access a more in-depth report that includes extra information such as liens, bankruptcies, relatives and much more.

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