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Butte County Arrest Records

Butte County police reports in years 1999 to 2008 reveal that over 61,000 crimes were noted during that time period. Most of the crimes are thefts, then rapes and murders follow. It was estimated that 17 different crimes occur per day within the mentioned time span. Before, the authorities are the only ones who are capable and tasked to seize these criminals in the society. But today, the public can extend help by providing information through a database on Butte County arrest records which they can make use of to verify any important details regarding a person.

The state of California used to have only one centralized archive on police reports. But, due to urgent needs the residents don’t have to go all the way to the main records office anymore this time because it’s being implemented at the local level nowadays. When conducting a background check on someone you may start by searching for arrest warrants first. These are the ones signed by the presiding judge to validate that such a crime occur and that the individual in question has to appear in court to be heard. The pieces of information enclosed with the warrant are essential for whatever legal undertakings.

Butte County Arrest Log

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Searching for arrest warrants is accommodated by the Butte County Sheriff’s Office. You can also lookup buttecounty dot net, an online database which they created for those who wanted to search for active and outstanding warrants. You can also find other details from the same site including the custody reports and the outstanding warrants. To familiarize its content it would be great if you explore the webpage and check out the essential features.

For those who wanted to gather more data beyond just arrest warrants, residents can check out another online source through buttecourt dot ca dot gov. This website provides information on the previous arrest records. Hence, if someone acts suspiciously you can look him up online to check if he had been in trouble with the law in the past. You can visit in person at the Superior Court of California County of Butte if you opt to retrieve such data in person.

There are a lot more resources which you can stumble upon these days through the Internet. Look for a legitimate online record provider which simply delivers you complete information. Also, the site must be user-friendly and lets you finish the search in no time. It’s really working on your advantage since it can be done in private and at anytime.

Facts to know about when requesting for Butte arrest records:

  • The Records Section of the County Sheriff Office is responsible for the compilation and distribution of arrest records
  • They are also mandated to register the addresses of sex offenders, narcotics offenders, arson and gang members
  • If you are to request any of the records you must first fill out the records request form completely
  • You may call the said office anytime during office hours to inquire about the current fees
  • Processing time takes 4 to 5 business days

Butte County Sheriff Arrest Log

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