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California has localized its records database on arrest by having the counties under it initiate their own reporting system. The idea is to make such legal documents very accessible for the people who live within each of the respective counties. Based on file, Contra Costa was able to compile almost half a million of criminal reports within 1999 to 2008. Documents also show that infractions committed include rapes, murders and other illegal activities.

Anyone has the legal right to request and obtain the said legitimate files provided that the requesting party has no pending or on-going cases in court or being prohibited to place any records applications. One has to be free from whatever legal issues and must present a valid reason to be able to be granted with the request. For further information on how to apply for arrest papers in the county it would be best to check out their web page at contracosta dot ca dot gov.

Contra Costa County Arrest Log

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The County’s Sheriff’s Office on the other hand is responsible for updating and maintaining the old and recent records of in-custody inmates. This implies that those residents who are in need of such information can possibly perform the search via the mentioned office. Thus, whenever there are calls that suggest an urgent action the particular office can offer up relevant data for an important cause.

The said website though does not hold warrant information but is rather referred to the court of jurisdiction or at the local law enforcement agency. Part of the details encoded during the arrest consist the warrant being issued by the authorized court. It states the violations committed and other particulars which make the respondent due for court proceedings.

Searching for such legal reports can help in many ways more especially when the life of someone is on the line. Today, online services came out to make the gathering of highly significant information even faster and smoother. With this modern approach in performing an arrest records check the processing time will be in just a few minutes without bumping into some complications along the way.

How to initiate an arrest records check in Contra Costa:

  • Go to the Records Unit under the Sheriff’s office to start doing the request
  • Aside from the arrest records they also provide information on crime reports, auto incidents and restraining orders
  • As for the fees a single-sided page costs $0.10 while it’s $0.20 for a double-sided page and then $3.00 for a data compact disc
  • Download a copy of the request form from the sheriff’s official site
  • The other public records are also obtainable at Contra Costa’s local office
  • The results are usually delivered in 5 to 10 business days

Contra Costa County Sheriff Arrest Log

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