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Inyo County Arrest Records

Inyo County, California has deputized the task to compile and update Inyo County arrest records to the County Sheriff’s office. This local enforcement agency has a Records Division which is purposely created to cater on the requests from the people, government agencies, and private entities for legal information. The office is open from Tuesday through Friday excluding weekends and holidays. Also, the office concerned does its job according to the existing provisions contained in the State law. All the requestors must be aware of this law in order to qualify in doing the arrest records search.

However, there are records which cannot be issued by the Sheriff’s office including the juvenile cases and some sex-related crimes for some technical reasons. But they can certainly be requested through the District Attorney’s office or the other law enforcement units. The Records Department should be able to tell you as to whether or not your request can be accommodated. You may call them during business hours for your guidance. More so, they also have specific requirements on the part of the records applicants. Thus, you should check to see if you are eligible or not.

Inyo County Arrest Log

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It is not easy to grab a copy of the record, the law states that your name must be among those stipulated on the record. Also, you can only do the search if you are the victim, named party, involved driver, an attorney or anyone authorized by the record owner to perform the application for him or her. Furthermore, suspects and investigative leads are not allowed by law to do the request. If they would insist they can keep in touch with the Inyo County District Attorney’s office which can be contacted via phone or in person. All sheriff reports including the arrest documents can be obtained for an amount of $10.00 per copy as per the county’s policy.

These arrest and criminal records in Inyo are totally significant resources which one can use while doing a background check on a person. On this note, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has developed a database on local criminal offender information for the organizations and anybody who would want to conduct the search. It is actually a web-based repository, thus, very beneficial for those who would want to experience quick retrieval of legal files to be leveraged in many aspects. The county court can also get to help you with what you are looking for, but provided that the arrest had led to the conviction of the suspect in the case.

With the fast-paced advancement of the digital world today, even these legal records like the arrest and criminal reports are now uploaded online and can be downloaded for a certain amount of money as service fee. Believe it or not but the data which an online records solution provides are similarly accurate to those which are requested at a government records office. In other words, the entire process is no longer that tedious and hard to do since this electronic means only requires you type in the basic information about the subject, pay for the service charge and generate the results in no time. Plus, you get to accomplish it anytime you want at the most convenient place where you could possibly do the search for as long as there is access to the Internet.

The procedure to obtain a copy of arrest report is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Download the application form from sheriff’s office website
  • Fill out the form completely and submit to the Sheriff’s office along with the $10.00 fee for each copy
  • Juvenile cases and sex related crimes are not divulged. Contact the District Attorney’s office if you want a copy of them
  • The County Court may also provide the information when necessary but only those arrests which led to the incarceration of the arrested individual

Inyo County Sheriff Arrest Log

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