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Kings County Arrest Records

In any parts of the world crimes could happen. It’s just great to know that both national and local leaders are on top of these unfortunate events that could be experienced by anybody. In California, aside from installing a centralized documentation of public records which include the arrest reports, higher officials also reprimanded all the counties under it to come up with their own recording for future legal uses. Today, all the 49 counties within its area of responsibility have established their own system in archiving the arrest files including the Kings County.

The purpose is to make the records available at the nearest possible place which can easily be reached out by the local residents. If you wanted to verify if a person had been arrested before or is currently behind bars you are legally allowed to check out the county’s official website at countyofkings dot com. The page permits you to find booking and inmate information. It basically tells you the names of those who are booked within the said county. Besides going online you may always call the office concerned or visit in person for inquiries.

With the reports generated from 1999 to 2008, crimes have climbed up to 34,000 in Kings. To break it down, 24,000 were thefts, 280 were rapes and approximately 30 were rapes. According to documents, crimes happened every after a span of only two hours. Imagine how bad it is and how scary it would be for one’s family. Such statistics is seriously alarming as well to the business industry as it could put the operations to risk. Hence, it is your legal right to do the searches for the general benefit of the public.

Kings County Arrest Log

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Another online resource which could assist in finding out any information involving court records would be the kings dot courts dot ca dot gov. Otherwise, you can anytime go to the Superior Court Clerk Division to request such legal documents yourself. Those who live in Kings can also drop by at the Kings County Sheriff’s Department in Hanford to look for the search warrant being served to a particular subject.

How to obtain arrest records in Kings:

  • The public records including arrest can be requested at the county’s sheriff office
  • It can be done via mail and in-person request
  • The County Clerk has also the power to provide the same records, so it’s up to you as to which office you would want to go to for the search
  • Get to know the guidelines and requirements on how to get copies of the record
  • The fees could change over time, thus you must contact the office during business hours to find out the current fees
  • The results of your searches can be generated in 5 to 10 business days

Kings County Sheriff Arrest Log

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