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Los Angeles County Arrest Records

To make the search even faster and simpler for the public, the California government has continued to reinforce the need to create a local-based archive on arrest records. Today, the Los Angeles County Arrest Records has been materialized and are anytime ready for the residents’ consumption. Other counties in the state have done the same thing for the benefit of not just the law enforcement agencies but for the inhabitants themselves. Before, there was just a centralized database for all the arrest documents across the state. Nowadays, the public can request it within the county where they are living.

Arrest documents are those signed and approved by the County judge. The police authorities gather evidences, make a report and present it to the presiding judge. When the judge sees a probable cause then the warrant of arrest will be issued and executed by the law enforcers to the person who committed a certain violation. The authorities are given 48 hours to locate the suspect and perform the arrest. If the subject is missing, then the arrest warrant becomes outstanding. But, as per ruling, the warrant will only be applicable within Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County Arrest Log

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On the other hand, because of the lengthy time that could be spent while doing a personal visit at a specific agency, an online database was developed to somehow ease the process. The said County has created a web page where details on warrants and wanted persons can be viewed and retrieved. However, to do so, you need to request or coordinate with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for your intention. The link is lasdblog dot org for the information that the public would want to know about.

You can also visit lapdonline dot org for more information relating to the arrest reports in Los Angeles. Online resources on legal documents have now been updated and maintained on the web to be more convenient for the general public’s use. The paid ones are known to be more credible as they provide an all-encompassing data on Los Angeles county arrest records. Thus, when you are conducting a background check on someone you make it a point to only do business with a 100% legitimate records provider.

The Internet can be a great tool for any sort of information retrieval; however, it can also be a place where you can get scammed. So, be meticulous in choosing a trusted resource so you won’t be spending your money for nothing. The site must offer you not only convenience while doing the search but also satisfaction in terms of the details that you are going to obtain.

How to obtain a copy of an arrest record in Los Angeles:

  • The County Sheriff’s office is responsible for the processing of police and arrest records in Los Angeles
  • The request can only be done via mail. You start off by writing a letter of request
  • – Payment shall be done through check or money order in the amount of $25.00 per copy. Cash will not be accepted
  • You will need to complete the records request form in its entirety
  • You should be able to supply information about the subject so they can move forward with the search
  • Finally, you need to show some documents to prove that you are a legitimate resident in Los Angeles and that you are qualified to do the search

Los Angeles County Sheriff Arrest Log

More facts on how to proceed with the search include:

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