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Plumas County Arrest Records

The archiving of Plumas County arrest records is chiefly done by the county sheriff’s office as per the California Constitution and Statute. They actually document both the warrant of arrest and the arrest report itself being signed by the officiating judge. The compilation of this type of file is accomplished at the local level with the aim to bring the information on arrest much nearer to the local residents in Plumas. The State has initiated this move in order to serve the people better in terms of providing the legal data on arrest.

Crimes do happen anywhere and the authorities have asked the public to help them out in addressing the concern. Consequently, legal databases have been created for easy access. The Plumas Superior Court has provided the public with an online search portal at where the request form on arrest can be downloaded. So, all you have to do is run through it and make sure that you completely fill out everything that is being asked on the form.

Plumas County Arrest Log

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The local residents must be aware of the recent update that facsimile and phone transactions are no longer considered as options in the effort to obtain a copy of the arrest documents. Requesting parties must do it by mail or by visiting the office in person. If you are to do it via mail, then you are going to write a formal letter requesting the specific report you need. More so, it has to come with a self-addressed stamped envelope along with $15.00 payment per search. You just have to be able to provide the basic details of the offender like his complete name, case number, violation and among others.

Payment should be made through checks through the Plumas Superior Court or through the sheriff’s office. However, note that fees could change over time, thus it is recommended that you keep in touch with the assigned office to find out whether or not they updated their rates. The Sheriff’s office has also developed an online portal at to make the delivery of information much faster and simpler. It contains the steps on how you obtain a copy of the arrest report and everything. You only have to follow all the rules and policies in the pursuit of this type of document.

Plumas County Sheriff Arrest Log

But with the advancement of computers and the Internet these days, the acquisition of legal documents can be accomplished in no time. In other words, you only need an Internet to be able to acquire the reports on arrest in a few minutes. The only challenging part about this option is that you need to find a reputable site that offers the exact data that you need. Of course, this comes with a reasonable fee for the professional records service being offered to you. The good thing about this modern records tool is that the search can be executed wherever you are so long as you have access to the Internet. Thus, if you are in a rush to possess such legal documents, then this online approach would be the most practical solution that you will get.

How to proceed in conducting an arrest records application in Plumas:

  • The County Superior Court is tasked to accommodate requests on arrest documents in the County
  • The request must be done in writing or in person. Fax and over the phone requests will no longer be accepted or entertained
  • When sending it through mail, one must put it on a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the fee which costs $15.00 per search
  • To get it going, requesting parties must secure a copy of the request form and fill it out completely, then submit to the County Superior Court
  • Normally, the search is completed in 5 to 7 business days depending on how much information you are trying to pull up
  • At present, you must bring with you copies of personal documents like your Social Security Number, Driver’s License or a Company ID to show that you are a legitimate resident in Plumas

Plumas County Sheriff Arrest Log

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