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San Diego County Arrest Records

San Diego is neither free from the criminals like the other counties or cities in California. Reports say that cases on rape, theft and murder have soared up year after year. In fact, the counties crime rate has increased to nearly 8 percent. So, with that data alone you can figure out that it is indeed not safe at all living in San Diego. However, despite of the bad report government officials are taking actions to combat the threat that surrounds the residents. An archive on San Diego County arrest records has been materialized for the people to make reference to in times of the need for legal information.

At the start, records are updated manually by pen and papers alone. Then type writers came to document all the events that transpired in San Diego. As time went by and as the volume of requests became high, the traditional method was upgraded with the help of modern technology. Now, the San Diego Sheriff Department has taken advantage of the capability of the Internet to disseminate information. They have successfully launched apps dot sdsheriff dot net as the official web page for the people where running an arrest records search can be executed.

San Diego County Arrest Log

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It is definitely a trusted source because all the details come directly from the County’s Superior Court and the database is updated on a daily basis. So, it is useful when used in legal proceedings. The shift from offline to online retrieval of important reports like those of arrest brings great convenience since the processing time is cut short and the results can be utilized in no time. Plus, performing the check online is done very discreetly which makes it very safety among online searchers.

Nowadays, a lot of online record providers have started to be on business on the web. But, you got to make sure that you get the best of what you wanted because some of these providers only exist to deceive and scam people online. It would help if you do some research first by reading on reviews to see and find out what others have to say regarding a certain Internet records service. Plus, more importantly it should be worth the money that you pay for.

There are free services on the net too but the information is not as complete as compared to the paid ones. Thus, it would be more advisable to subscribe into and get the services from a commercial web page with a good reputation as an information provider on the web. The results should not take a long period time with the site that you have chosen. Indeed, the Internet today reigns as king in offering quick acquisition of legal information.

Things to know about when requesting for arrest reports in San Diego:

  • Visit the County Sheriff office and secure a copy of the request form
  • The arrest documents are managed specifically by the Records and Identification Division
  • They do not only issue arrest reports but also the criminal and accident reports
  • When doing the actual request you must present a valid ID including a driver’s license, passport, military ID or any other government-issued identification
  • The fee will cost $20.00 per copy to be paid through money order, certified check, or personal check which is issued by a California Bank
  • The office makes it a point to finish processing your request in 3 to 10 business days
  • Cash can be accepted if paid in person
  • If your place is too far from the office you can submit your request via mail

San Diego County Sheriff Arrest Log

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