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San Jose County Arrest Records

The local residents in San Jose surely have the right to grab a copy of the San Jose County arrest records for a variety of legal reasons. The California law and statute have given the people such privilege in the pursuit to conduct a background check on anybody whose actions become suspicious in the community. And so, the local government issues this arrest information as a weapon which unveils the history of a person. So, if that person turns out to have a police record in the past and is at present doing something that is not right then you can immediately report it to the authorities.

Back in the 90s, people were directed to visit the only centralized records office at the state-level in search for the arrest data. Today, it has been localized for the benefit of the growing population where security becomes at stake. Hence, California authorizes the local offices from all the counties including San Jose to have their own records databases on arrest files. The County Sheriff’s office is the person in-charge of the said records. Part of the sheriff’s job would be to compile all the documents coming from the various local law enforcement agencies in San Jose.

San Jose County Arrest Log

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These enforcement units can actually provide you the arrest details you need if for instance you are looking for highway patrol reports or records that are being kept by the narcotics department. Traffic related cases can also be obtained through the Traffic Department. Whoever executes the arrest is mandated by law to document it and release to the public for legal purposes as by the time it was recorded it is already considered a public document which in other words can be viewed by any resident in the county.

The fee varies according to the type of record and the amount of information that you wanted to pull up. The lesser data you need the lesser you pay; the more input you wanted to acquire the more it is that you are going to pay. Hence, to determine how much you are going to pay for it is best that you contact the office concerned beforehand so you can prepare the money for the service charge. You must also bring any government-issued ID; make sure that it is current in order to prove that you are indeed a legitimate citizen in California. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to do a background check or run an arrest records search on someone.

Today, people should not be worried with all the paper requirements and everything when in pursuit of the San Jose County arrest records because they no longer need to visit the sheriff’s office to do the legal search. This information age is all about computers and the Internet where all you need to do is input the basic details of the subject and in just a few minutes you get to reap the results of your searches. So, all you got to have is a computer with access to the Internet to be able to initiate the search on your own without the need of technical assistance from a third party.

How to request the local arrest records in San Jose:

  • The County’s Clerk of Court is designated to be the place where legal records are going to be requested from
  • To start the search, one must fill-out a copy of the request form which can be downloaded through the official website of the county or better yet produced by visiting the office in person
  • Aside from the walk-in procedure, requests can also be done in writing via mail, email or fax
  • The fee for getting a copy is $.20 per page. It is going to go higher if you are going to need more information about the subject you are investigating with
  • The results are delivered in 5 to 10 business days

San Jose County Sheriff Arrest Log

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