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San Mateo County Arrest Records

In San Mateo, an arrest warrant is actually considered as a court document since it is the presiding judge who signs the warrant to seize the suspect of a particular crime. Then, the law enforcement agency comes in to execute the arrest of the name mentioned on the warrant. The said County has an Automated Warrant System where all the warrants being served and those in outstanding status are stored. But, such system is for the use of the California law enforcement agencies only and other offices under the state government. So, it’s definitely organized for future references.

Like the other counties in California, majority of the crimes comprised thefts, rapes and murders. As a matter of fact there was a certain period of time when the reported crimes have reached to over 180,000 which averages 1 crime per 28 minutes interval. Seeing the report alone can scare anyone, that’s why top officials have formed a group which makes San Mateo County Arrest Records repository a possibility. Eventually, the public and government agencies have started to make use of the database for searching purposes.

San Mateo County Arrest Log

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Over time, San Mateo County begin to also develop an online database for the same records. In fact, they were able to upload the information through this link smcsheriff dot com. With the link above anybody may conduct an arrest warrant search on both civil and criminal in nature. This is actually spearheaded by the County’s Sheriff’s Office as well as the County Civil Division office.

There is also another resource which can be found online if you are looking for general information on arrest records. This web page sanmateocourt dot org actually serves the purpose of providing you with data on specific cases on certain individuals. It is technically updated and maintained by the Superior Court of California County of San Mateo. The online databases are of great help for searches can be executed much faster. There exists also the Corrections Division of the San Mateo Sheriff’s Office which holds information related to the arrests made in the said County.

With the continuing advancement of modern technology, the process of retrieving records online has been enhanced by experts to make it a lot more practical and convenient for the general public. You just got to select a 100% legitimate website which offers guaranteed results in only a few minutes. It’s a reliable medium if you want instant information for the safety of your family and loved ones.

How to obtain a copy of an arrest record in San Mateo:

  • The Office of the County Sheriff has the responsibility to release an arrest record when formally requested by anybody in the County
  • The request form needs to be completed in order for them to start the search
  • The form asks information about the subject you are investigating with and your information as the requesting party. It has to be completed in its entirety otherwise the search will not be done or the results will not be complete
  • The Clerk of Court is also authorized to provide such seminal information. You only need to adhere to the guidelines when you are going to do the request
  • Today, searching for arrest records is also catered by the local government via an online service so you won’t have to go out of your house to do the check
  • This time so long as you have Internet connection you can definitely pull-up the results through the local government’s website

San Mateo County Sheriff Arrest Log

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