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The noted criminals are likely to violate the law again if not totally reformed while they were imprisoned. When they’re out of jail the public cannot help but to stay away from them because of the bad record that they got. It’s one reason why most of these ex-convicts are having a hard time finding a decent job to start a new life. The simple reason is because other people simply don’t trust them at all. Others who can be also dangerous to everyone’s safety are those criminals who are not seized yet by authorities and are still wandering around. Santa Barbara County initiates to create a system called Santa Barbara County Arrest Records database as a legal resource for the people.

The archive’s main purpose would be to allow the residents to find out the history of someone by checking on the arrest records or a warrant of arrest against the subject. This is done when a particular person is acting differently and you sensed that he or she is a threat in the neigborhood or the community where you live at. Back in the days, it was only the State of California that updated the recording of arrest files. However, due to the increasing crime rates, the keeping of such records has been ordered to be accomplished at each county level.

Santa Barbara County Arrest Log

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So, when you are looking for an arrest warrant you can directly visit the Santa Barbara County Sheriff office. Over time, they were able to come up with an online repository to make the search faster, the link is santabarbaraca dot gov. The site holds all the warrants approved by the sitting judge to be carried out to the subject stipulated on the legal paper. It also displays the contact number of the office which you can contact if you prefer to do the transaction via phone call.

Furthermore, if you want to conduct a more in-depth research on the subject you always have the option to go to a higher legal office which is the Superior Court of California Santa Barbara County. Apart from doing it offline, you also have an option to view an online records repository which they have developed for everyone. The webpage is sbcourts dot org. With such a site, you can pull-up information on the arrested individuals and all the specifics concerning those detainees.

Nowadays, searching for legitimate reports becomes even more convenient because you no longer have to get out of your house and visit a certain law enforcement agency. However, you need to find a 100% trusted web records resource in order to benefit from the search results which you desired to get. A reliable records webpage would indeed make your search more worth it for any reasons.

Steps to follow when in need for the arrest records in Santa Barbara:

  • The Santa Barbara Police Department takes care of the release of arrest and police records in the county
  • However, records that are being used for current investigation will not be disclosed to public
  • The fee would be 20 cents per page, if you are going to request for audio tapes or video files the fee would be $25.00 per cd
  • When you request you must present a current and valid government-issued ID to show that you are a legitimate citizen in the county and with that you are qualified to perform the request
  • If you are to request for the criminal records, the fee would be $10.00 per copy and if it is found you will pay $25.00 for it
  • Juvenile records will not be released unless the parents or the court would allow you to do so
  • Results will be handed over in 5 to 10 government working days

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Arrest Log

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