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Santa Clara County Arrest Records

Don’t be scared and hopeless for you can do something to battle your fear in times of threats. Sometimes, there are just incidents that are unpleasant. Cases on cheating, stealing, killing and other crimes are just happening anytime. So, on the note, Santa Clara County government has made a move to somehow prevent such type of events from transpiring. The brilliant idea that was formulated and eventually implemented was the birth of the Santa Clara County Arrest Records repository today. It was purposely designed to get the general public involved in preventing crimes from taking place.

The records technically compose the issued warrants and those that are still in outstanding status. More so, anyone could obtain those arrest records of someone in the past and also those who are currently detained. To get the search started on arrest warrants for either the served warrants or outstanding in status, individuals should go to the Sheriff’s Office within the county for inquiries on how to retrieve them. You just need to possess two details about the person whom you wanted to be investigated. First, you should get the name and second, the date of birth.

Santa Clara County Arrest Log

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In this age of information, legal data can already be stored in an online database for quick and easy searches. sccgov dot org for instance is one great link being utilized by the residents to check on the outstanding warrants of certain names involved in legal issues. But, be prepared with your valid identification card or any documents which proves that you are a legitimate resident of the county and that you have a credible reason to perform the search.

Aside from the mentioned online source, the residents in Santa Clara may also check out another link at scscourt dot org or the specifics on previous arrest reports, court records covering all the criminal cases and more. If you wish to visit the office in person you can always visit the Superior Court of California County of Santa Clara. These are the government’s available resources in the effort to stop the criminals from doing illegal activities.

It was noted that in 10 years period of time, Santa Clara had 460,000 cases heard in court mostly on thefts, rapes and murders. Therefore, the people must stay vigilant for these noted criminals have the tendency to strike again when they see an opportunity to do a particular crime. Good thing that the Internet nowadays has the ability to provide the same information in no time. You just got to pay a reasonable fee in order to acquire the legal records needed for whatever circumstances.

How to obtain an arrest record in Santa Clara:

  • Visit the County Clerk of Court to request for copies of arrest documents
  • Find out the case number, if you don’t know you tell the clerk’s staff that you don’t have such information. They will search it for you but you are going to pay an extra fee for having them spend time doing extra search
  • The fees are provided on the clerk’s official website for public reference
  • The County Sheriff office also have the authority to release such reports but they are more on providing the criminal history of individuals
  • As a requesting party you must bring in copies of your personal documents to prove that you are a legitimate citizen in the Santa Clara
  • Processing time would take 5 to 10 business days provided that all the necessary inputs of the subject are supplied by the requesting party

Santa Clara County Sheriff Arrest Log

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