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Sonoma County Arrest Records

If the officiating judge sees probable cause to arrest a certain person then he or she will have to sign an arrest warrant ordering the police officers to serve the warrant. This takes place after thorough review on the information provided relating to the subject in question. If the suspect is not found then the warrant will remain outstanding until it is served in person. This is the case in Sonoma County, California. Arrest warrants and records are maintained for the benefit of the general public including the government and private entities.

With the headlines that people are hearing, a considerably high percentage of news reports cover those that have something to do with crimes. Thus, it is evident that criminals are everywhere. On that note, the California government has ordered all the counties under its jurisdiction to keep an updated archive on arrest for everyone to access. As a matter of fact, residents can do the search on warrant details and arrest through the Superior Court of California County of Sonoma. Otherwise, anybody can check out their online database at sonoma dot courts dot ca dot gov.

Sonoma County Arrest Log

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There are cases when one needs to verify whether or not a particular suspect has been behind jail, for that purpose the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention would be the right place for you to go to. Also, they have developed a web-based archive to make the search much more convenient at jailexchange dot com. The site contains all types of information which relates to the arrest records of someone. It also features the wanted list, inmate services and other legal services of the said agency.

In between 1999 to 2008, Sonoma authorities have compiled over 110,000 various crimes. This only goes without saying that violations are rampant in the said area with infractions which mostly include thefts, rapes and murders. It is indeed dangerous if you don’t do something about it. It’s just very fortunate that the public can now search the Internet for the arrest documents and obtain them in no time. It is a practical way to determine and to find out some facts about someone who is acting suspiciously.

How to search for the arrest records in Sonoma:

  • The Clerk Recorder is tasked to compile and release the arrest reports when formally requested by the local residents
  • There is a form to fill out to start the procedure
  • The request can be done via mail, email, phone or by simply visiting the office in person
  • The Sheriff’s office is also authorized to keep such records and issue to public
  • Personal documents should be presented such as a driver’s license or any other government-issued identification to prove your residency
  • You must also find out whether or not you are qualified to perform the request, otherwise you cannot force it
  • If you are to mail your request you must have the form notarized and send to the office concerned along with the corresponding fee
  • Results will be delivered in 5 to 10 business days

Sonoma County Sheriff Arrest Log

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