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Sutter County Arrest Records

Arrest records came through when an officiating judge sees a probable cause to arrest a person in question. Prior to that, authorities have to gather enough evidences to prove that the subject has to face charges in court for a legal proceeding. However, an arrest does not necessarily follow the imprisonment of the suspect. He or she will remain innocent until proven guilty of the charges filed in court. Nevertheless, an arrest record is still documented at the local level such as in Sutter County. Today, they have come up with a legal repository on Sutter County Arrest Records to help everyone protect themselves from the bad elements in the society.

The order to create a system for arrest records comes from the higher officials in the State of California for the purpose of making it more accessible among the residents in the said County. More so, when the need is very urgent you no longer have to travel to the state’s main records office, but, to just visit the nearest law enforcement agency for questions. Additionally, the County has also developed a site at suttersheriff dot org with ample of information on how such records are maintained and how they can be requested. If you want to know right away on how to do the search online you may just contact the records technician whose contact information appears on the said page.

Sutter County Arrest Log

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If you opt to search further regarding the specifics of the current inmates you definitely have an online resource to lookup to which is the suttersheriff dot org. This webpage simply presents the names of the detainees, their individual cases, cell and case numbers, sentences and other relevant information. All this sort of information can be utilized as legitimate information for court proceedings. The County’s Sheriff’s office also keeps all the records of the arrest warrants, even those warrants which were not served due to the disappearance of the suspect.

Sutter County is evidently not free from crimes at all. As a matter of fact, there was a span of 10 years when criminal reports climbed to 28,000, covering incidents on murders, thefts and robberies. That’s why the idea of having a local-based archive on arrest records is beneficial to the general public since it serves as a reference for a number of reasons. The good news is that these government documents are made available as well through the Internet for better search service. Find a 100% dependable online records source and be satisfied with what you get in return.

How to handle the search on arrest records in Sutter:

  • First and foremost you must know that the Sheriff Department has been named to be the official in-charge of legal records including those arrest and warrant records in the county
  • The Records Unit was established to specifically cater the public request on arrest reports
  • The request may be done by making a phone call, faxing, or through walk-in procedure
  • They follow certain standard procedure while processing your request, they do fingerprinting and registration processing which usually take 15 to 20 minutes
  • Only cash or check will be accepted as mode of payment
  • For the fingerprinting-Live Scan and Applicant Cards it would cost you $25.00 per transmission
  • For every page of the arrest record it shall cost you $0.50
  • You are only required to present a valid and current government-issued ID to retrieve copies of the record
  • It will be released within 10 days upon receipt of your request

Sutter County Sheriff Arrest Log

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