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Yuba County Arrest Records

Arrest records are preserved primarily to serve justice to the threatened individuals and the victims of heinous crimes in the society. Generally, they are kept to be of help in whatever legal circumstances. California has had an initiative to not only have a central state database on the said documents, but also made the files available from each county level. Yuba County was able to comply with the order of the state to update and maintain all the arrest reports ever compiled within their area of responsibility. It’s a big deal indeed as the law mandates the local officials to make it accessible for county residents.

Records reveal that in Yuba over 16,000 criminal charges were filed between 1999 and 2008. Unfortunately, arrest reports have increased over time and are seen to grow even more if not stopped by any means. The Yuba County Jail staffs have put all the local arrest records online for easy lookup on the part of those who wish to obtain the said legitimate documents. The site can be explored at sheriff dot co dot yuba dot ca dot us. Such webpage features all the pieces of information relating to all the individuals in Police custody. Thus, if you want to confirm if someone is behind bars or not this online resource would help you determine.

The criminal incidents reported in Yuba mostly involved theft, robbery, homicide and sexual assault cases. Also, the county provides details on the content of the arrest warrants being served. Police authorities have to gather all the evidences obtained against the suspect and come up with a written document report to be presented to the court judge. When the judge finds sufficient probable cause to bring the respondent to court the warrant of arrest will then be issued. On the other hand, a more in-depth data concerning the criminal records and how to request them can be found through the site which the county developed at yubacourts dot org.

Yuba County Arrest Log

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It’s never that easy to find someone you can trust or anyone whom you want to work with you these days. But, today, reports on television and from other forms of media have shown tremendous increased of criminal activities. Thus, it’s no longer just an option to conduct a background check on a person, but must be considered a pre-requisite to ensure the safety and security of one’s family and other group of people. It’s great news to have the Internet record services available nowadays. For it does not only offer excellent content but also allows fast turn-around in no time.

How to get copies of arrest records in Yuba:
The Records Unit under the Sheriff Office has been appointed to be the main records repository for arrest documents

  • California Public Records Act allows the issuance of these legal reports for public use
  • A request for information form should be completely filled out in order to proceed with your request
  • A valid and current ID would be necessary to initiate the search and for you to claim the records
  • Fee costs $10.00 per copy. Domestic Violence reports will get the first copy without paying any amount
  • Not all records will be released for some technical reason. So, it is better that you make contact with the office concerned first before you proceed
  • Records can be obtained in 5 to 10 business days

Yuba County Sheriff Arrest Log

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